drab to fab // Fitness Fashion

Fitness and Fashion! We gave 2XU's Compression Tights a makeover for looks that will take you to the gym and beyond....without all the extra baggage. 

in the nest // Michal Adut

In our next installment of Behind the Nest we’re proud to introduce one of our super talented account execs, Michal Adut. We asked the self-professed “ice cream junkie”, all about her love of ballet (she's been dancing since she was five!), and how she plans to enjoy the summer months...


Michal, what are you most excited to do this summer? 

I can’t wait for music festivals and outdoor concerts. There’s nothing better than live music under the stars.

What is your summer style?

My summer style falls somewhere between the French Riviera and Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I love sailor stripes and leather shorts equally.

What is your best summertime beauty tip?

When it’s hot and humid, embrace your hair’s natural texture. I let my hair run wild and curly all summer long.

 What is your favorite summertime treat?

Ice cream is my favorite treat year-round (I even subscribe to an ice cream of the month club!) but I tend to crave it more in the summer heat.

If you could have dinner with anyone tonight, who would it be?

George Balanchine, the famous ballet choreographer. I grew up studying his works and I hear he was a big foodie too.  

If you could recreate a famous piece of choreography this summer, what would it be? and what NYC landmark would you choose as your venue?


I’d love to dance George Balanchine’s ballet Serenade in The Cloisters.

9 Ways to De-Stress Your Nest

The effects of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and keep us from living full, healthy lives. We asked the Woods' Girls how they keep their nests stress-free and happy….

I take my daughter & dog down near the ocean in Santa Monica. My daughter climbs trees, we stretch and do yoga…it always feels like a 20 minute vacation!
— Suzanne
I like to make a checklist of everything I need to do so I feel like there’s one less thing on my plate when I cross it off. It also makes you feel accomplished when everything is done!
— Mallory
I walk everywhere instead of taking the subway. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it feels great to be outside and get in a little exercise, especially after a stressful day.
— Michal
I set aside two hours to hit the gym at the end of the day. It feels amazing to stretch your body and get moving after a long day of sitting!
— Sheila
download (7).jpg
Browsing through Netflix!
— Diane
I love painting pottery at a little studio in Montclair, NJ called Doin’ Dishes. I pick a window seat; plug in my earphones and zone out for hours. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do!
— Crystal
Staying organized. Clutter stresses me out, so I try to keep a tidy apartment so I know where everything is at a moment’s notice.
— Hayley
WINE - a big tall glass of pinot.
— Emily
I go for a morning hike when I am in LA. Being above the skyline helps me focus and puts it all into perspective.
— Susan

event work // bellicon bounce

Bouncing your body into shape was the idea behind our fitness event at Pilates on Fifth on Wednesday evening. 

Fayth Caruso of Sixpax Chicago 

Fayth Caruso of Sixpax Chicago 

Susan Woods working on her core

Susan Woods working on her core

Guest were invited to test out the bellicon Rebounder and learn all about the many fitness and health benefits the powerful mini-trampoline provides. 

Fitness instructor Fayth Caruso lead us through a series of low-impact, high-energy routines that left us feeling energized and stress-free. 

Rebounder Benefits: 

  • alleviates back pain  
  • clears tension and stress 
  • improves cardiovascular system 
  • boosts immune system 
  • energizes lymphatic system 
  • combats osteoporosis 
  • burns calories and increases metabolism 
Great end to a fun class

Great end to a fun class

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the event! http://on.fb.me/1ocUCHU

innovative inspiration // Mink

Grace Choi 

Grace Choi 

Grace Choi is about to take the DIY craze up a notch. The Harvard grad recently revealed her latest invention, Mink, a 3-D printer that allows you to “print” FDA-approved makeup from the comfort of your home. The printer works with any basic computer software that can identify a hue's hexadecimal code-think Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. The code is then mixed into a white based eyeshadow, lipstick or cream foundation, which Mink provides.

The $300 personal size printer has had the beauty industry buzzing  since Choi revealed the prototype at this year's TechCrunch Disrupt. Some experts think that by allowing people to bypass exorbitant department store prices, Mink will revolutionize the makeup industry.

Mink Prototype

Mink Prototype

Another plus of Mink? Fretting over your favorite color's discontinuation will no longer be an issue-you can just print it for yourself! 

Check out the video for more on Mink: 

event work // Miracle Skin Transformer's Clutter for a Cause

The Woods & Co recently teamed with Miracle Skin Transformer for their first “Clutter for a Cause” charity event and the release of their newest product, Vanish, a concentrated skin treatment that instantly brightens skin and smoothes the appearance of fine lines.

Miracle Sks in Transformer product line

Miracle Skin Transformer product line

Beauty Goodies 

Beauty Goodies 

Total Beauty

Total Beauty

On May 8th,  guests poured into the Humphrey at the Eventi Hotel toting bags of beauty products for NYC’s Women in Need shelter.

Beauty editors and bloggers were eager to learn about Miracle Skin Transformer’s unique approach to skincare and Vanish. The instant skin transformer was a definite crowd-pleaser, as many guests agreed it would be a great addition to any skincare regime.

The night ended on the right foot with guests leaving with Vanish and other goodies from the line.  “Clutter for a Clause” was such a hit there is talks to make next year’s even bigger. 


Facts about Women in Need: 

  •  Women in Need has eight homeless family shelters and one women’s shelter in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, with 817 units of shelter.
  •  With 261 permanent supportive apartment units in Brooklyn and the Bronx, Women in Need is able to offer continued counseling and other supportive services for mothers with special needs.
  •  Every night Women in Need provides shelter for over 3,300 people –  including more than 2,000 children.  Win provides services to 10,000 people a year.


in the nest // Emily Tidswell


Welcome back to Heavy Nesting, our company blog on people who inspire us. We wanted to give you a glimpse into who is in our company nest....and so will be profiling our staff members over the course of the summer. First up is our VP, Emily. She has been with us for years now and is a total PR force and ground control at The Woods & Co. 

With so much on her plate, end of day Friday is cause for celebration!


We are finally thawing out...What are you psyched to do outside?

Being able to take the bikes out and ride into town for appetizers and cocktails by the water. Also, hanging out at the beach and sailing with my husband!

You’re surprised with the chance to go on the vacation of your dreams, but are only given 5 minutes to pack – what makes it into your bag?

Sunglasses, a long sundress, a pair of heels, flops, bathing suit, beach cover up and beach towel – all I’ll need!

What is your favorite summertime fashion look?  

Anything nautical!

What is your best summer beauty tip? 

Use a toner.  It really helps my skin stay balanced and clear.  My favorite: emerginC deglazing toner!

What are you interested in learning this summer? 

How to sail and all about grilling.  I want to be a grill master by the end of the summer!

Where would you like to visit? 

Greece – Athens and all the beautiful islands. 

If you could dine with anyone tonight, who would it be?

The cast of Real Housewives of Orange County to get all the gossip and “behind the scenes” drama first hand! 

talk to me // Paul Grieco

Paul Grieco

Paul Grieco

Canadian Paul Grieco was born to be a restauranteur.  His family's landmark restaurant in Toronto, La Scala, is widely recognized for its amazing Italian food and formal dining experience. Paul moved to New York in the early 90’s and spent his formative years honing his skills at some of the city's most well-known restaurants including Bouley and Gramercy Tavern, before opening Hearth in the East Village in 2003. One of the country's leading sommeliers, Paul ensures the wine list is as eclectic and interesting as the food and scene at Hearth. We met Paul thanks to our favorite Austrian wine expert, Stephanie Artner, and have been going back ever since. 

As one of the country’s leading sommeliers, if you could be a bottle of wine, what would it be? A double magnum of Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel Valley of Germany...enough juice for a great party and the right type of juice to insure that everyone is smiling.

What would be your last meal? A salad...I want to have enough energy for the journey ahead.

If you were not in the restaurant biz, what would you be doing? Architect ...I ultimately want to be the Peter Keating of the wine world.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Do you have a single best hospitality tip that us clueless layman could benefit from? Do not be afraid to trust other people...in other words, leave your "control-freakness" at the door.

What is the last book you read? Biography of Steve Jobs ... he stole all my ideas.


If you could travel anywhere this year, where would it be and why? The moon ...I  need to get away from email.


 What is your favorite store in NYC? Paul Smith


Hearth Restaurant


403 E. 12th Street (btwn 1st & A), NYC


talk to me // Amanda George

Amanda George

Amanda George

Internationally acclaimed celebrity hairstylist Amanda George is known for creating, changing and nurturing the color of some of the most famous women in Hollywood, including Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Lindsay Lohan and Jenny McCarthy. One of the most sought after colorists in the world, her name is synonymous with both the most beautiful blondes and gorgeous brunettes.

Earning the reputation for being one of the most celebrated colorists in the industry with a successful career spanning nearly two decades, George opened the doors to her own namesake salon, Jonathan and George Salon, in Beverly Hills in 2005, which gained fame and recognition for breeding some of the world's most expert stylists, its A-list clientele and luxurious atmosphere.

We talked to Amanda about what's hot in LA both in and out of the salon: 


Chloe Grace Moretz at the Carrie premiere

Chloe Grace Moretz at the Carrie premiere

What is the biggest hair trend of the moment in Los Angeles?

There are a few big hair trends we’re seeing right now – braids are big for styling. For color, we are seeing a lot of silver pearl blondes and a lot of women going short.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

© Chris Tsien

© Chris Tsien

A fab way to spend a Sunday afternoon is doing nothing at home with my family.

Where would you like to go this year?

High on my travel list this year is Jerusalem.

Any fashion tips being kicked around the salon?

Barbara Bui Pre-Fall 2013

Barbara Bui Pre-Fall 2013

We see a lot of leather is going on in the salon right now. Color blocking is also really popular.


Who inspires you and why?

I find I gain inspiration from most everything, but am always inspired by my kundalini yoga practice which makes me a better human being.


talk to me // Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins


English Garden Designer Paul Robbins resides in Los Angeles and is internationally renowned for his naturalistic aesthetic. Celebrated in many periodicals and books, he is the go to designer for some of the coolest Brits including Gary Oldman, Chris Martin and Ringo Starr.  He is also the father of Susan's kid and one of her best friends. 

Here he dishes on the things he would raise a pint to ...

As a Brit living in LA, what do you miss most about the UK?        I miss the old buildings, local accents, the history and the humor...

Who is your favorite Bond girl and why?  I really love Maude Adams (Man with the Golden Gun, Octopussy). She is a woman in charge of her own life - sexy and a bit intimidating! 

Maude Adams // Man with the Golden Gun

Maude Adams // Man with the Golden Gun

What are the best new bands on your iPod right now? Local Natives, Frightened Rabbit and The XX

Where do you want to visit this year? Tuscany. As a landscaper designer, it is the heartland of great gardens. And has the best wine in the world. 

What is your fave restaurant in Los Angeles? Hatfields; unpretentious, food, wine and service are all great!

How do you clear your head when city life gets on your nerves? I really have fun wrestling with my son, Harry.


Harry Robbins - half Brit.

Harry Robbins - half Brit.